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Draconus: Cult of the Wyrm

Draconus: Cult of the Wyrm, known in Europe as Dragon's Blood, is a hack and slash video game developed by Treyarch and published by Crave Entertainment for the Dreamcast game console. Draconus is considered as a spiritual sequel to Treyarch's swordfighting PC game Die by the Sword. Draconus is a third-person hack and slash. Since defense is a more important part of the gameplay than attack, developers changed the usual behavior of constant blocking, and changed that block is neutralized after a successful enemy hit. This way the player has to pay more attention to their character and their blocking. Draconus is set in a medieval fantasy world divided into 15 separate stages, and each level takes around one hour to complete. Accession through the stages is linear, although the player is presented with a choice, in certain moments, which of two next levels to complete first. This choice does not affect the storyline in any way, but can be refreshing in future play-throughs. Some of the stages are protected by the boss. Player can choose between two playable characters, a male warrior Cynric and a sorceress Aeowin. Cynric is proficient with a wide range of melee weapons and has tough defense, but lacks in magic. On the other side, Aeowin is a skilled magic user, but uses sword and shield only as a last resort. Although each class provides unique gameplay, character choice does not affect the storyline. Both characters can use magic, though the sorceress possesses a natural advantage in this area. Like in many role-playing games, warrior is easier to play early on, while the sorceress proves its usefulness in later stages of the game. The warrior, also, lacks healing spells, which makes the ending of the game quite difficult. After every stage the player is taken to the character upgrade screen, where earned points can be spent on new abilities. The character is awarded a fixed number of points regardless of enemies killed and side quests solved, but additional points can be obtained by finding hidden blessings.


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28 Feb 2000


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